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If you are in need of a good cleaning and you are looking for a cleaning services, then you have to call Titi’s Cleaning Services, we are the ones you need.

We provide move in-out cleaning, construction cleaning, residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. If you have questions feel free to call our offices to find out all about our services. We are reasonably priced therefore we beat our competition. Our cleaning staff provides the highest quality of home cleaning as well as excellent offices cleaning service in Aurora, Naperville, Plainfield and all surrounding areas. We also provide budget factory cleaning and reliable cleaning services. What has set us apart form any other company is the quality we offer and the professionalism we treat every job with. Below are some of the services we offer:

• Excellent references
• Fully trained and supervised staff (English and Spanish speaking)
• Competitive rates
• Janitor services
• Floor strip and wax services for floor
• Cleaning services available 5-7 day’s a week
• Clean offices, hallways and windows
• Parking lot cleaning
• Emergency clean up
• We are fully bonded and insured
• Quality work

For Titi’s Cleaning Services all big and small jobs are welcomed!

Residential services


• Sweep and mop floor
• Scrub and sanitize sinks and counter tops
• Remove trash
• Clean surfaces, appliances
• Dust/clean all cabinets and pantry
• Clean refrigerator(in/out) optional
• Deep clean oven and stove(in/out) optional

• Sweep and mop floor
• Clean windows
• Clean the mirrors
• Scrub and disinfect sink/counters
• Scrub and disinfect toilets, showers, tubs, etc…
• Remove trash
• Clean baseboards
• Dust lights/lamps

• Empty wastebaskets
• Dust and do beds
• Vacuum carpet
• Clean baseboards
• Dust all ceiling fans
• Clean mirrors
• Clean window sills
• Dust all lamps and switches
• Clean doors and door trim

Living room
• Dust sofas
• Dust TV, stereos, and appliances
• Clean wall, decorations, picture frames
• Clean chimneys
• Clean and polish furnisher
• Clean mirrors/windows/mini-blinds and other high dusting

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Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Office Cleaning:
We offer, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one time cleaning. We have a flexible schedule for cleaning service needs. We provide all cleaning supplies unless you want to provide them for us. We are fully insured for ours and your protection.

Factory offices:
We offer the same trustworthy, hardworking and reliable services that we provide to our house cleaning customers.

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